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Consider a Manuscript Evaluation/Overview/Review

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

What is a Manuscript Overview

An objective evaluation of a story idea that is fully formed with a beginning, middle, and end, but still in an early draft stage. The MO comes before LINE EDITING and COPY EDITING.

What is the process: A portion or the entire manuscript is read and evaluated by a top editor for the following:

  • Does the work have a compelling story?

  • Are the subplots fully developed?

  • Are the characters engaging? Interesting?

  • Are there too many characters?Are the characters pathetic, sympathetic, or empathetic?

  • Is there inconsistent character development?

  • Are there plot holes? Smoking guns?

  • Does the story wander?

  • Is there “head hopping” or unplanned POV changes?

  • Does it take too long to engage the reader?

  • Does the story stay within its world construct?

  • Does it follow the “laws” of the setting?

  • Does the story sag in the middle?Is the ending satisfying?

  • Does the beginning intrigue?Is the dialog appropriate?

  • Is there too much backstory? Too many details?

  • Does the scenery and setting work with the story?and so forth

  • Or is it spot on and ready for a Line Edit?

The editor then writes a brief and honest evaluation of the work that addresses the above questions.

Fundamentally, the manuscript overview allow authors to WRITE and CREATE rather than rework and reword a story idea again and again while trying to get it “right.” The honest feedback gives the author an advantage of the traditional publishing houses where authors continuously get feedback and are under contract to produce. Manuscript overviews allow the author to spend creative time developing stories, characters, unique language, and new plot twists rather than trying to dissect their own works. They also allow for the author to gain a fresh perspective.

The manuscript overview saves the author time and energy, and if the author is self-published, then money in editing fees.

Each stage of editing brings an entirely new set of fresh eyes and a fresh perspective to a work. Imagine the kind of polish that will bring to your work.

Put the power of traditional publishing’s collaborative expertise behind your work. Begin with a manuscript overview.

How much is the fee for a Manuscript Overview?

The fee can start at $525 and higher for 2,500+ words manuscript overview/evaluation. Fees increase with word count.

What a Manuscript is and How to writer one:

Here are some great articles to keep you informed:

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