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A safe space to share and discuss your writing aspirations.

The Writer's Salon's first meeting took place January 5th, 2020. The idea of creating a writer's salon was born from a collective of emerging women writers who were yearning for a community where they could share and workshop their work. The group started with 7 members meeting in one living room Uptown to simply write, today the group has doubled and it continues to grow. The group is now very active via WhatsApp.

The Writer's Salon is:

  • A sisterhood of writers

  • A forum where you can speak about any topics, ask questions, workshop your work, share ideas and opinions, etc.

  • It is a support group for writers who are serious about learning more about their craft. 

Who can join the Salon?

  • Women ONLY. The original members have been women who have set the tone for the group. The Salon is a setting where they have shared their vulnerabilities, personal experiences and written work within a safe space without feeling judged or criticized. They have expressed to maintain the group women only.

  • Serious writers, willing to learn about perfecting their craft, publishing, branding, digital marketing, etc.


"The Writer's Salon is a space where I can freely share an idea, a concern, or a question while confidently knowing that Angy will know the way, create the way, or push us to find the way. The Writer's Salon is where my creative soul is nourished and nurtured daily. Thanks to this magical space, I can freely and joyfully say, I am a writer! (out loud)" 


—  Lisa Gil-Ventura, Salon Member

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