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Dominican Writers Association is a platform dedicated to supporting and promoting the works by writers of Dominican descent. Our mission is to provide them the tools and resources to continue developing their craft and reach the heights of the literary cannon. Dominican Writers is  a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Together we thrive, your donation will help reinforce our mission of supporting Dominican Writers.  

Why join us?

Our strength is our community members comprised of storytellers in all genres, novelists and creative-nonfiction authors, journalists, editors, poets, screenwriters, essayists, playwrights and other literary professionals, and an even greater network of readers and supporters who join us to carry out our mission.


As a Dominican Writers Association Member, you have a unique part to play by contributing to support, exalt and celebrate the works of Dominican writers.


A Dominican Writer Member commit themselves to:

  • Support Dominican writers by sharing and or purchasing their works.

  • Join the reading movement, by reading we expose ourselves to exalting the stories of our marginalized community of writers.

  • Review books written by us, let the world know what you feel and think about the books we put forth into the world.

Member Benefits

Signing up for the DWA professional membership means that your name, photo, short bio, website and social media handles will be included in our directory making it accessible to other members who may reach out to book your service or collaboration.  Your donation is fully tax deductible when you do not request thank you gifts.   


Sign up for one time or a recurring payment

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Become a Member


Professional Membership:

For published or produced writers, editors, translators, dramatists, screenwriters, and other writing professionals.  Members become part of a directory where writers may search for your services.

Friends of DWA Membership:

For anyone who supports and advocates our storytelling. 

¡muchas gracias!

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