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Creating an E-Book on Canva

1. How Creating an eBook Expands Your Audience

Make use of an eBook as a part of your marketing strategy. It’s quite a trend in the marketing field to create eBooks and give them away for free. This will help grow your audience and readership and indirectly create traffic back to your website, product or blog.

After you’ve published a few eBooks for free, you can start selling them and make an extra income. If your subject matter is relevant, your writing on point, and your topic trending – chances are the eBook will create some waves. As a freelancer,  it would be beneficial to have a residual income in the mix.

2. Establish Your Expertise

Not many freelance writers will create an eBook, authored by themselves – if they aren’t knowledgeable on the subject. This will form part of the greater portfolio and will add to your credibility as a writer.

Apart from sharing content from your blog, your readership might want some informative resources that they can refer back to. Creating an eBook gives you this creative freedom to share what you have experience in.

3. Easily Accessible

In the modern world, almost all of us in the freelance industry owns a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Since eBooks can be downloaded via these devices it makes it easily accessible. The reader doesn’t have to go to a shop and hopefully ‘spot’ your book – instead, if you have a good sales page on your website, they will be able to start reading your book soon after they’ve clicked that button. Once downloaded they will be able to store the product with ease and access it anywhere they want to.

4. eBooks are Searchable

If your reader is just interested in a certain section of your electronic book, they will be able to search for these phrases instead of having to scan through every page. Sharing your content in such a manner that it’s easy to navigate also increases the chances of your eBook being read.

5. Gain Confidence in Your Subject Matter

Apart from creating an eBook to educate your readers, you will also be expanding your knowledge in the field. Writing an eBook will allow you to go deeper into the subject matter and really immerse yourself in the topic. Creating eBooks will set you apart from just being a blogger and will add to your overall reputation and credibility.

6. Improve Your Writing Skills

Producing an eBook will push you to improve your writing skills. This will take you in a different avenue from creating blog posts where you have to fine-tune your content, rework your structure and really focus on the quality.

Some writers prefer to outsource the proofing and editing to a professional just to ensure that the product is top notch. This will depend on your editing skills and ability to view your material objectively. Having created an eBook will look great in your portfolio and showcase that it’s another craft that you have to offer.

If you’ve created an eBook, I would love to hear about your process. How long did it take? How did it benefit who? Did you work with an editor and designer? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Canva can also be used to create beautiful fliers for free.

Also, if you're not to tech savvy or creative consider hiring a designer via Fiveer.

Resources to create an E-Book on canva:

Free E-Book Templates:

Create an E-Book on Microsoft Word:

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Asmat Khan
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