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check out what the attendees thought of the conference!

“I left the event feeling very inspired and empowered to pursue my writing goals full force”.

“The creation of this conference makes me feel loved, cared for and supported. Thank you!”

“This Conference was so empowering and it gives hope to those of us that want to write. To see so many Dominican writers in diverse fields and areas is motivating to do the work. I also appreciate the concrete tools and tips provided in the workshops and panels”

“I felt at home and being amongst so many talented peers and mentors was reinvigorating!”


“Awesome to see that there are so many Dominican writers in the area. Warms my heart!”


“Left the conference elated. I’m ridiculously inspired and motivated to keep doing what I love most and that’s to write.”

“Overall, the feeling of the conference was warm, welcoming, and like everyone there cared about the writers in attendance."

“The conference was AMAZING. The community assembled, the love and positivity, the focus of self care/love/joy was so deeply appreciated. It was definitely the warmest conference I have ever attended. I left motived and inspired to continue this career path. I loved the advocacy in the room, the awareness many people had. I also loved that the workshops I attended benefitted both seasoned writers and new writers.”