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Memories of our DWA Writer's Retreat

The first annual retreat organized by the Dominican Writers Association (DWA) provided a transformative experience for participants, as they immersed themselves in a vibrant community of Dominican American writers, scholars, and mentors. This retreat underscored the profound role of community in addressing historical and intergenerational trauma. Through a series of workshops led by skilled facilitators, attendees gained valuable insights into personal and creative development, with one workshop highlighting the significance of personal memories as gateways to creative expression, another encouraging the exploration of imagination in writing, and a third offering a unique perspective on decolonization work from an Afro-Dominican standpoint. Ultimately, this retreat served as a journey of self-discovery, fostering creativity and cultural enrichment, and reaffirming the healing power of community in literary pursuits—a testament to DWA's commitment to nurturing Dominican voices and fostering a thriving literary culture.

"My most significant lesson from this experience is the profound sense of community. Being among Dominican American writers, Dominican writers, scholars, and dedicated mentors was immensely healing. I initially came here to refine the ideas for my book, but the journey became a vital part of my healing process. It reaffirmed that healing from historical, racialized, and intergenerational trauma requires a supportive community. We cannot do this alone. Your creation of this retreat and the space to connect with ourselves, each other, and our ancestors was truly magical. You are the bearers of radical hope, self-care, collective care, and healing. My gratitude to you and DWA is boundless. The workshops and faculty were excellent, but the greatest gift was the alchemy of hope you shared, allowing us to tap into our collective potential as culture makers and world builders."

The biggest take away by far were the connections made with established writers and the meaningful connections made with out community of like minded Dominican writers from both the US and DR.

What our attendees have to say:

There is a community of people just like me looking to write, create, and evolve the culture. We are not alone. There are resources as well as people available to help us along the way.

My biggest take away was a sense of community and connection with a non-white centric way of appreciating our island's and our creative work.

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