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The #Cuenticos Project's primary target audience is the Dominican diaspora, inclusive of emerging & professional creative non-fiction (memoir, personal narrative, essay) writers ages 12 and up who currently reside in the United States. Emerging and seasoned writers will have access to writing and publishing resources that are often unavailable. 


The #DWACuenticos project intends to elevate writers of the Latinx cultural community by creating and holding space for the authentic and diverse voices that make up Dominican Writers today. The writers range in age, gender identity, experiences, locations, social classes, preparation, education, and craft styles.

Image by Lotte Löhr

Read current contributions

#dwacuenticos Chapbook covers (4.25 × 7 in) (2).png

La Doña, Essays on our Dominican Matriarchs

Dominican Moms Chapbook  (4.25 × 7 in).png

Comical, Loving Depictions of Mothers & their US-born Children

#dwacuenticos Chapbook covers (4.25 × 7 in) (1).png

Stereotypes of the Dominican Man & Fatherhood

#dwacuenticos Chapbook covers (4.25 × 7 in) (3).png

Silent, covert, and undefined experiences

una visa por tus suenos (1).png

Navigate the intersection of Dominican heritage and American aspiration.

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