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submit a book review!

We love book reviews! As part of our mission, we want to motivate more and more people to support Dominican writers by reading their books. In addition to reading, we also want to read your reviews! Did you love it or hate it? What emotions did the book stir up?

Why should you review a book?


1. Book reviews help potential readers become familiar with what a book is about, give them an idea of how they themselves might react to it and determine whether this particular book will be the right book for them right now.


2. Book reviews save readers time, prepare them for what they will find and offer them a greater chance of connecting with a particular book, even before they read the first page!


3. Book reviews give books greater visibility and a greater chance of getting found by more readers.


4. Book reviews also help amplify the book’s reach among book clubs, bookstores, blogging communities and other opportunities to gain attention from new readers.


5. Book reviews can open doors to new and bigger audiences for the author. Books that have a lot of book reviews appear to be popular books. It’s human nature for people to be curious about what looks popular and want to check it out for themselves. As a result, a good number of book reviews can help lead to a snowball effect of book sales.


In other words, the presence of book reviews can help validate the worthiness of a book and establish who the book’s audience is. Then once validated, other similar people are much more likely to want to join their peers and buy that same book.

how to submit a book review:

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