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Mi Vieja

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Mi Vieja bella, Chocolatey Caramel complexion, Skin so Soft, With a Smile so contagious and Soft silky black hair.

Mi Vieja, Oh how I miss the rush to the hallway of our apartment, running towards you as you arrived from Santo Domingo. I can still hear your voice... "Hola Mi Prieta, Mira lo que te traje! Te traje un macuto lleno de Kendy, AYY Mi Prieta Tu si estas Bella”.

I'd rap my arms around your legs, remembering how my arms couldn’t meet each other as it would get caught in between your long pleated skirt.

Mi Vieja, Sleepless nights waking you up in the middle of the night after I had an accident on the bed. Your calm Sigh..."Ayyy Mi Prieta"....

Mi Vieja, always kept me looking fresh, buying me the latest Air Jordans and Golden plated hoops with my name and a necklace to match, telling papi Y Mami " Comprale todo lo que mi prieta quiere".

Mi Vieja, always reminding me that I was the prettiest girl on the Planet. Your tender warmth that brought peace to my mind and planted a fire in my heart.

Mi Vieja, how I miss hearing you say que yo era tu corazon.

Mi Vieja, Mi Vieja Bella, Cuanto te extrano!


Janelis Fernandez, was born and raised in Corona, Queens. I'm 29 years old, she is

the second generation in the United States from Dominican Republic. Her mother was born and raised in a campo called Palo Amarillo located in Sabana Iglessia, her father was born and raised in Guana Juna a campo that no longer exist located in Janico.

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