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Lecciones de Mami

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Mami taught me to never let a man dictate my life but to always have faith in love. Mami taught me how to clean a house but that it’s also normal

Mami taught me to value career and a passion before a wedding ring but never stop dreaming about saying yes to the dress.

Mami taught me to defend myself but to acknowledge when I am dead wrong. Mami taught me that sex is absolutely normal but does not need to be shared with everyone.

Mami taught me to cook like I’m hosting a baby shower, so I’d never have to rely on anyone to satisfy my cravings. Mami taught me to laugh at the inevitable salon chismes by telling all the bottle girls that Jesus Christ was her surgeon while she laughed her god-given ass off.

Mami taught me to never take myself too seriously by teaching me to shake whatcha mama gave ya' on weekends while we made sazon.

Mami taught me to be me. Everything I am is a perfectly imperfect reflection of her.


Born in La Romana and raised in New York City, Karolyn Ramos is a freelance writer, avid fiction reader, lyric master, and the younger oldest sibling. She spends too much time on Instagram “working” and has a blog where she word vomits once a week about relationships and the made-up scenarios she comes up within the shower. She has a B.A. in Public Relations and is terrible at writing bios.

IG: @karolynsdiary

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