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Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not - Jennifer Abreu

Happiness is a human goal measured by value, state of mind, enslavement by desire or freedom. Abusing the control to be bliss will bind a person to fulfill their appetite for happiness. To achieve a higher purpose is to value other things, disciplining and coping through trained thoughts and actions. Can happiness be immortal? The forget me not flower can make happiness last an eternity. It is located where an abundance of trees hovers, spreading different shades of green and shadows to the land. Its soundtrack is of animals’ conversations with plants waving hello. There is a patch of forget me not flower by the riverbank. The plant is a royal blue pigment with tulip shape pods along the stem to the flower. It’s aroma whispers to be noticed. It’s calling suggest you kneel, eye level; just enough for your nostrils to be a few inches away. Inhale the thrilling scent nature has to offer. You will disengage with everything. You’re body temperature will slightly drop, to a comfortable cool state. The forget me not will slowly open its petals. Inside the core of the bud, it will reveal what makes you happy. As you gaze into your utopia, the flower’s roots will emerge from the ground. It’s leafs will hug you. Your body embracing the flower’s roots. You will undergo a hypnagogic jerk just before the flower completely engulfs you like water, where you will forever live in happiness.


Copyright © 2015 Jennifer Abreu

Connect with Jennifer via TUMBLR. Jennifer Abreu’s pieces are driven by moving events that circle around her life. She is currently under going a career change from teaching art into the pharmaceutical field. Despite the transition she continues to keep in touch with her creativity. She hopes to captive, inspire and move people in ways that will never leave them.

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