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This is a completely FREE giveaway available to readers, authors, and anyone who loves to read our Dominican books!  Browse below for New Titles.

How it works: Select which book you'd like, complete the Giveaway Entry Form with the giveaway question assigned to each book, and you are done! Watch your email and if you are the lucky winner you will receive an email. 


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our current giveaways:

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by Rey Andujar (copias en Español)

Este sorteo solo se realiza en los EE. UU. El sorteo finaliza el 31 de enero, el ganador se anunciará el 4 de febrero. 

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by Lissette Norman (English or Spanish)


With the English and Spanish text side by side on the page, this bilingual edition of the vibrant picture book celebrating the strength of community and the versatility of plátanos is ideal for bilingual readers as well as Spanish speakers learning English and vice versa.

Paletero Man meets Fry Bread in this vibrant and cheerful ode to plátanos, the star of Dominican cuisine, written by award-winning poet Lissette Norman, illustrated by Sara Palacios, and translated by Kianny N. Antigua.

Platanos are Yesenia’s favorite food. They can be sweet and sugary, or salty and savory. And they’re a part of almost every meal her Dominican family makes. 

Stop by her apartment and find out why platanos go with everything—especially love!

This giveaway is only based in the U.S. Giveaway ends February 3rd, winner will be announced by February 4h. 

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