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Latinx voices continue to be underrepresented in publishing. We collectively strive to elevate writers of our cultural community by creating and holding space for the authentic and diverse voices that make up Dominican writers today.


Quislaona welcomes you to the fantasy island where the water glows with magic, and the Loro flies high. Run alongside the ciguapas protecting the island's sacred hearts or listen to the merfolk chat at Mimi's Bar. Within this collection, you will find twenty-four creators who contributed stories taking place on this fantasy island through a mix of prose and comics. Inside, you'll discover tales of war, heartbreak, family, and magic.


This anthology is a collaborative effort between three organizations. Dominican Writers Association, Worldbuilding Magazine, and Cultura Cómic RD. Discover how this fascinating intersection of art, literature and speculative fiction became a celebration of Dominican voices in fantasy.


Featuring work by:  

Barbara Perez Marquez, Lissy Marlin, Nelly Rosario, Annecy Baez, Amaris Castillo, Manny Minaya, Alex V. Cruz, Laura Suazo, Judy Fernandez Diaz, Pauline M. Kulstad-González, Thanisha Peña, Ang Nunez, Maria E. Vega (Odiresan), Ana Lucía Sánchez, Gabriela Taveras, Joan M. Arias (KING), Aníbal Hernández Medina, Ana María González Puente, Kevin Cruz Guzman, Virgo CA, Mari Gabi Messina, Melissa Falcon "MelimeL", & Johanny "Joa" Ortega

Quislaona: A Dominican Fantasy Anthology

Impuesto excluido
  • La antologia estará disponible a través de los principales distribuidores de libros de los Estados Unidos.  No aceptamos pedidos internacionales al menos que usen un servicio de envios. 


    The anthology will be available through major book distributors in the United States.  We do not accept international orders unless youa re using a courier service.

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