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"Malcriada & Other Stories is an UPPERCUT to the senses. A powerful debut collection." Elizabeth Acevedo, author of The Poet X  


In the middle of the Caribbean Sea, aboard an illegal voyage from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico, a twelve-year-old learns her name. An immigrant and former cacao farmer finds a constellation on his lover’s thighs. Best friends become strangers in the face of deception. Teenage boys grapple with authority. A woman debates how to apologize to her aunt after a family altercation while also honoring her truth.  


 AUTHOR LORRAINE AVILA DELIVERS HER DEBUT NOVEL, “MALCRIADA & OTHER STORIES” In sixteen stories with prose that is honest and captivating, Avila takes her readers on a profound and yet terse journey that redefines breaking and healing for those living in the in-between.  


Lorraine Avila releases a collection of sixteen stories unpacking identity, feminism, sexuality, heartbreak, and survival throughout her debut novel, “F”. Avila has managed to transform her Dominican diasporic experience into honest stories capturing the struggles women endure. In this book, through the emotional trauma of her characters, there is also a catharsis of sorts, the process of letting go of the pain, of allowing yourself growth and healing. At the heart of being a storyteller, there is a truth-telling.  “Malcriada & Other Stories”, is just that—in this novel, readers are given invaluable lessons of womanhood and survival.  


In collaboration with visual artist, fellow Dominican and New York native, Crystal Maria Rodriguez you will find twelve original illustrations which are featured throughout the book. Malcriada & Other Stories is the fifth book published by DWA Press, making its debut on July 22nd, Malcriada & Other Stories is currently available for pre-order.  





Lorraine Avila is the daughter of Dominican immigrants, and also a writer and educator from the Bronx, New York. Her writing is inspired by the diasporic experience of those around her, specifically, her community, family, and the women before her.  

She tells stories of the heart—stories belonging to layered characters and fictionalized storylines. Ultimately, Lorraine Avila’s stories offer insight into the complex lives of her characters and their experiences. Her writing takes you on a journey of loss, triumph, and healing. Thematically, the characters in Avila’s writing are met not only with displacement from their homes but of their spirit as well.  


Lorraine graduated from Fordham University with a degree in English and Middle East studies and a minor in Creative Writing. For the past six years, she has been a New York certified educator; she has taught early childhood education, elementary and secondary school. In 2017, she received her Masters degree from New York University in teaching. In 2019, she became one of The Wing Scholarship Program's recipients. Her writing has been published in Hippocampus Magazine, Moko Magazine, The GirlMob, La Galeria Magazine, and Blavity. Lorraine currently resides in the Bronx, New York.




"In Malcriada, Lorraine Avila, offers every ounce of rage, attitude, and deep reckoning a woman can offer in the face of a world that's constantly trying to stomp her out. Malcriada is the snap of her jaws claiming the life she motherf*cking deserves. Avila's writing is coming for us all."—Gabby Rivera, author of Juliet Takes a Breath 


“Avila’s writing is a soul-stirring experience, as she navigates trauma with deep care, while exalting women and treating us like poetry, allowing us to breathe even as we dive deep into the lives of her characters.”—Amanda Alcántara, author of Chula 


Malcriada & Other Stories” is a courageous and bold compilation of stories breaking barriers within the Dominican diaspora. Any Dominican migrant will find themselves in Avila’s words and call it home. I wept, ached, and healed with her characters. Every story brought me closer to the parts of me the diaspora had swallowed hole. I remembered the innocence and harshness of living on the island, along with the joy and loss of leaving. Avila sparks many important conversations about the layers of abuse, the challenge of recovery, and the triumph of growth. Every young Dominican woman needs a copy of this book to annotate and turn to when a ticket to the homeland is not an option. In these stories, I found all the women I have been and hope to become.” 

Danyeli Del Orbe, Poet 


“In “Malcriada,” Lorraine Avila guides you into a journey that you never want to end. 

In her first story, titled after her book, Lorraine tackles the complexity and depth of illegal immigration; she touches on the nuances of feminism in “Bodysuit;” and shares a love story intertwined with anti-blackness and self-care in “Justice.” 


You’ll meet a variety of women — and a few men — every one of them different than the last. Yet even in their very obvious differences, you’ll find something about each of them that gives you a feeling of déjà vu — almost as if you’ve met them before. Even in their worst moments, you’ll love them all. 


The voices used in Malcriada will remind you of your own. The memories shared will cause you to dig up those that you’ve unknowingly buried. 


Avila’s ability to capture the experience of a recent immigrant, the intricacy of a relationship between two best friends, and the pain of anyone who’s been hurt by someone they loved, is remarkable.” 

MP Frias, author of The Art of Letting Go 

Malcriada & Other Stories

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