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Please note that books will ship  by mid September. Armando Batista's debut chapbook is a kaleidoscope of family, personal mythology and the poetics of memory-making. These 13 poems will take you on a journey of ancestors, naming rituals, personal and fantastical transformation, house music, hometown and motherlands, mental time travel, Twilight Zone, afrofuturists, and aging. Think of this as a modern-day Leaves of Grass if Whitman were a child of Dominican immigrants growing up in a Hip-Hop America. Reviews:In Cosmic Mesa, Armando Batista maps out for us a funky, “electro cappuccino,” “blacker than dark matter” mythopolis where a “heart beats like Taiko drums.” These poems will nourish you like “salchicha, queso frito, mangú” so slide on your space suit and let them guide you to a memory palace you might never want to leave.--Tomás Q. Morín, author of Machete  The activating mind of Armando Batista puts forth a dynamic, experimental installation of poems. Language cannot survive in the shape it is presented and so Batista changes their shapes and recalibrates them from their original Latin/African wombs giving poetry and poetics a new language to live by. --Parneshia Jones, author of Vessel Armando Batista’s poetry collection tells the story of a Dominican-York traveling through space and time as their past and Caribbean history unravels before them. This collection is an archipelago, made up of sci-fi and memoir poems told in a voice fractured by who they were, who they’ve become, and the horizon at the end of the road. --JP Infante, author of On the Tip of Your Mother’s Tongue  When colonizers burn your history, you piece it together through family, stories, and ancestors. You delve into their memory palace, and/or you map-make. Armando Batista does this and more in his debut chapbook. Identity, transformation, gentrification, and elegy are all up for inspection, and Batista is relentless in his introspection. Come, open to the first page, and fall in. --Roberto Carlos Garcia, author of [Elegies]

Cosmic Mesa by Armando Batista

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