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Sixteen Velas

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

My first home had been built by the thick skin you loved to wear in the 90’s. Its windows remained open, always, regardless of which season, a light breeze whispering “Good morning, mijo” or“Good night, my love.” Those whispers I witnessed wishing to the gentle dances of sixteen velas. My first home brightened to these sixteen candles. Lightened by the phases of a face more captivating

than the locket in the night sky. I’d preferred the locket of my face pressed against your chest.

Listening to a heartbeat much like mine. Which beat whispers into my lungs, wishing to be as strong as a woman who learned to blow out sixteen candles. And mother.


Manny Minaya is a spoken word artist and writer residing in Washington Heights, NYC. He is

currently working on his second novel and his first poetry collection titled “Venus Gospels.”

Manny is also completing his degree in Creative Writing at CUNY City College of New York.

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