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Should you pursue an MFA?

What is an MFA in writing?

An MFA is an abbreviation for Master of Fine Arts, a graduate-level degree that focuses on creative studies. There are several types of MFA degrees, including creative writing, art, drama, and photography.

A Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) is a graduate degree that typically requires two to three years of post graduate study after a bachelor’s degree, though the terms of study varies by country and university. The MFA is a creative degree in fine arts, including visual arts, creative writing, graphic design, photography, filmmaking, dance, theatre, and other performing arts-or in some cases, theatre management or arts administration.


Entry to an MFA program generally requires a bachelor’s degree prior to submission, but many institutions do not require an undergraduate major be exactly the same as the MFA field of study. The most important admissions requirement has often been a sample portfolio of artworks or a performance audition.

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