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Promoting Before and After Self-publishing

Many of you have asked how to market and promote your book prior to and after self publishing. Below are some suggestions that have worked for our authors.


  1. Set up an Author central

  2. Set up ore order via Amazon

  3. Create a raffle to give away free copies

  4. Create a spreadsheet to record the preorders you will ship yourself and not Amazon

  5. If you are shipping the book yourself Check with your local post office for the flat rate fee of shipping media products such as books and make sure you add this amount to all book orders.

  6. Purchase shipping envelops that stand out

  7. Consider creating bookmarks via and ordering via vista.print

  8. Send bookmarks with the book

  9. Ask people who purchased your book to tag you on their picture holding the book, repost on your social media pages

  10. Ask your local community bookstore if they offer consignment to carry your book, meaning you drop off a few copies and they get a percentage of what you sold.

  11. Research local book fairs, see if you could be a vendor (this usually comes with a fee on your part).

  12. Attend book events, see how they are organized, how they treat writers, etc.

  13. Organize a book release via your local bookstore, ask around.

  14. Consider accepting interviews/ media/press/ radio


  1. Continue asking people to take pictures with or of their book and tag you on it.

  2. Post excerpts of your book on social media

  3. Hold a Live event to speak about your book and take questions

  4. Set up a process, preferably via a website where people can also order the book through you. In this way instead of receiving some royalties for your sales via Amazon etc., you will earn the entire retail price of your book.

  5. Consider placing an ad of your book in literary magazines i.e Poets and Writers, etc.

  6. Promote vía Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram. These promotions can cost as little as $3 for three days of promotion and you can choose the audience to promote to and what you want them to do, i.e like your page, visit your website, etc.

  7. Organize more book readings

  8. Create a newsletter where readers can sign up and remain updated about your book and any events related.

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