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Updated: Apr 14, 2022

You tell me, “si rezas, Dios te escucha,” but I only believe in you, Mamá, because weren’t you God to me?

Weren’t you God when, with each unsteady step and fall, you’d lift me until I learned to walk on my own?

Each broken vein a bruise. Each scratch, or scrap a scab, and then a scar—the scars that are my witnesses of your miracles, and your grace.


Madelin A. Medina is a Dominican-American poet and Suicide Prevention Advocate. She currently resides in Queens, New York with her husband, and young son. Her work has been published in the Newtown Literary Journal, The Acentos Review, Cosmonauts Avenue, and FONT. She is also a recipient of the Nancy P. Schnader Academy of American Poets Award at Hofstra University. Her website is:

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