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Updated: Sep 14, 2019

They tell us to write in I’s

Like if we ain’t experience shit together

Like black and brown people don’t understand pain

Like we only work hard for ourselves

You and I were not supposed to make it

But we are alive, alive enough to continue the fight.

Stop writing in I’s. It doesn’t help anyone

If you about the people, you about us

You were not suppose to be here, in this ghetto

I was not supposed to be here, in this house with rats and no heat

You and I were not supposed to go to bad schools

But we here – hood made, rat made, cockroach made, no heat AC made

But we here- poverty made, bad school made, violence made

Fuck them, you and I were meant to be here

We are the first people, the most creative people

We are magic. We defeat shit that destroys us

We are magic, beyond any statistic

We here, being magic made


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