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Updated: Sep 14, 2019

We are Acup Bcup DOUBLE Ds

our chants of LOS CUEROS...DECENTES

were always heard from our DWC ‘99 softball team

from the dugout we would scream

‘Hagan una bulla EH Hagan una bulla EH Dos bullas EH EH’

We are Acup Bcup DOUBLE Ds

after the Bronx Championship victory

we chanted, sang and danced all the way

home like cueros on the street

our voices carried across blocks as we screamed

‘Por ahi pasó, forma, forma, el pitcher quiere palo,

y vamo’ a darle palo por donde, por el culo, por donde,

por el culo...’ our voices shaped by the confidence of

hip hop and merengue songs of the 90s

como cueros decentes hicimos el baile del perrito

at the corner and el baile del beeper

while we waited at the corner of the armory

to cross the street

We are Acup Bcup DOUBLE Ds los cueros decentes are We

our tight white softball pants had

our bubble butts bursting out of the seams

we stomped syllables out of toes buffered by cleats

concrete cracked by our joy as we rounded the corner

like we did third base we overheard someone say

‘let them celebrate now but soon you will see’

this is what a cuero looks like the guys said loudly

then Bcup approached him and looked him straight in the eye

as he echoed what Poet X’s mom had said

he claimed you’ll “carry a diploma in your belly but never a degree”

We are Acup Bcup DOUBLE Ds los cueros decentes are We

Acup later that month got a full ride to Harlem’s Ivy league

followed years later by an MBA from MIT

Bcup and DOUBLE Ds also of course went on to live life fully

and still can be heard singing:

‘Hagan una bulla EH Hagan una bulla EH Dos bullas EH EH...Por ahi pasó, forma… por ahi paso, mira donde va’, el pitcher, ta’ loca, primera, ta’ loca, el short, ta’ loca, tercera, ta’ loca...’

We are. We are. We are Los CUEROS… DECENTES…We are what a cuero looks like.


As published in Ritmo Que Late: An Anthology of Submissions during 2018 NAPOWRIMO by DWA Press.

Available for purchase at

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