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Lingüística Materna

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

I remember how tight I was held. When I was embraced by laughter, speaking te amo in soft syllables. When I was kissed in Spanish baby names, and the letters i,l,y in Chiquilyn caressed my cheek. When puro amor was associated with mujeres,

And the word mami was synonymous for fuerte, como nuestro abrazos que defina mi seguridad

Y ción abuela was followed by the Spanish dialects of kindhearted as the R’s in our risas overwhelmed my Spanglish tongue

Y los sonidos suave de besitos was followed by manina, tia, y titi when my name in their mouths hugged me with the spelling of amor

I remember lo fuerte que los abrace a todos,

Cuándo hogar, dulce, hogar fue seguido con reinas, diosas, trabajadoras, madres, hijas, amores,

Y Mujeres como ellas.

- Katherine Vargas


I am a 19 year-old Dominican-American ray of sunshine that longs for a better future through my words of wisdom. As an activist creative, I use my creativity to portray stories of underrepresented and marginalized groups. I write poetry to tell the stories of the unheard of in ways that the rest of the world can relate to. I not only use my passion for writing to fight for justice, but as a serendipity to my own heart and soul. Additionally, I also highlight injustices through visual writing. I use videography and photography to re-enforce empathy to all. As a multifaceted creative, I hope to love myself more and hope to spread more peace and love around me as well. For more lovely content, follow me on IG: @ktherne.

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