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How to market your book on Goodreads is a place meant for readers, readers who love to share their honest opinion about the books they’ve read and at the same time make suggestions. As readers we like to give our opinion, spoilers and say whatever we want in reviews. Is this a good thing? Many authors thought it as a NO and wouldn’t even think of going near Goodreads for fear of having their books ripped apart by reviewers. Things have changed and Goodreads is now a great place for authors, there still is some drama, but we have a protocol for authors. Don’t respond to people who attack you, don’t engage something you don’t like. Stay away from the Goodreads drama.

  • First create and account, set up your profile, link your social media and website. Have your bio kept current with current work, or a link to where you update your current works.

When it comes to Goodreads, YOU the author does not have an opinion, your readers do.  Learn this, accept it, live it. Amazon is not the only place reviews matter, Goodreads is just as important. Many authors set up their profile during the pre-order process of their book, and weeks before its actual release. This a great thing as you begin to build an audience.


DONT’S on Goodreads:

  • Anything negative under your profile. No reviews of other author’s work, unless you are giving them a great one. Why? because these authors are like your co-workers, you’re all on the same boat, and should support one another. They are your allies in marketing. Go with the saying “If you cant say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Be positive in the book community by never saying anything negative about anyone else.

  • Don’t like any reviews of your book unless they are five stars. You want to promote the positive about your book, not potential negatives.

  • DO NOT engage with any negative reviewers, comments, etc. Just leave it alone.

  • Do not star rate your own books in your reviews for them, leave them untouched.

What you want to do

  • Create a review of your books, again with no star rating.

  • In the review put the preorder links. Make sure when you update something about your book across social media you do it here too. Countdown, Exclusive excerpt on the blog, Audio now available, Teaser Tuesday, Available Now, and even when your book goes on SALE. The same images you post on Facebook you post in the review section for your book.

  • When your release is just a week away and reviews by others start, make sure you like the 5 star reviews everyday. If you only have a few of them, try spacing out the liking of them to maybe one a day.

  • Grab quotes reviewers have left and use them on social media making sure to tag the reviewer if they are a blog or just use their first name if a reader. If possible link back to the full review.

  • You want your review to be updating right along with your Facebook countdowns, so each day (1 week, 5 days, 4,3,2,1) you not only post that image to Facebook and Instagram, post it in the review of your book on Goodreads and make sure to have it  checked to update in your status feed on Goodreads.

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