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Los Hombres No Sirven Pero Hay Que Aguantarlo

by Padgy Soltis

From childhood, there was an understanding that the “man of the house” ran the streets. The woman was to remain silent, all-knowing. He provided the money; he settled the bills. “What more can you ask from him? Be quiet and do your part!” screamed the voice in her head.

Sana, sana, sana tu mente.

Los hombres no sirven,

pero hay que aguantarlo.

He worked long hours. The days in the factory called for a trip to the bar. Late into the night, the snakes at work took a week’s pay. It wouldn’t be long before the serpent went in for the kill. “I see the nice house, the car, and the clothes,” she hissed. “I want it all! And he is the ticket.”

Las madres se quedan

en casa, calladita.

Los padres corriendo

de calle en calle.

Hot meal on the stove, and the night ends. The children are asleep without a clue; a new sibling is arriving. By 2 am, her mind starts to wander. Is he okay?

De eso no se habla,

dice la tía, iglesia.

The ground falls beneath you; time has stopped. It’s 7 am, and now he’s running. A new child will arrive in 9 months.

Los niños


en silencio,

¿Así es el amor?

“Gather yourself, Antonio!” the door opens. The floors creak with every step—the look of disappointment interrupted by a plea for breakfast. Time comes to a complete halt; there is no turning back now. “How could you, Antonio!” her heart seals.


hacen y deshacen,

sin reclama.

The devil himself, disguised as a snake. “I have the nice house, the car, and the clothes,” she hissed. “I have it all!” He fell for the trap.

A man of great honor would not allow a woman to raise a child alone. He did “lo debido.” His kids knew how much he loved them; they would be fine, and they were gaining a baby brother!




y buena en la cama.

History is a broken record; only a few hear the words. Evil wins battles but never the war.

Como sea,

no importa.

El machismo,

¡Todos soportan!


Padgy Soltis is a New Jersey-born writer, entrepreneur, and bachata enthusiast living in Michigan. She’s a United States Marine Corps veteran, an avid reader, and dabbles in photography. Padgy’s work as a Project Manager in the City of Detroit has allowed her to pursue her passion for community service. As a devoted mother and wife, spending time with her family brings her insurmountable bliss.

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