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Dominican Writers Conference Call for Proposals

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

The 2nd Annual Dominican Writers Conference takes place May 2 &3, 2020 at City College in NYC. Like last conference we are asking our community of writers to submit a proposal to facilitate a writers workshop, moderate a panel, or suggest an activity to take place either days.

Last year we had writers, editors, professors and creative artists offer workshops and panels that provided our conference goers with invaluable information and resources.

Some of last years content included:

Writing workshops:

-Publishing for Latinos: Knowledge is Power Only When Shared

-Dos Lenguas/Of Two Tongues: Un taller bilingüe

- Lay a Successful Path to a Writing Career

- Family Trouble: Writing About Family in Nonfiction

- So you want to be a Fiction Writer? A Generative Writing Workshop for Emerging Writers.


- The Role of Storytelling in Questioning, Exploring & Formulating Identity.

- The Importance of Place: A Conversation

- Nurturing the Role of Literary Journals

The submission process is broken down into 2 phases

Phase 1: Submission of proposal

Phase 2: Upon review and acceptance we ask that you confirm information you submitted.

View a recap of the conference here: RECAP

View a sample proposal submission

The new deadline for submitting a proposal is January 24th, 2020.

Any questions? please feel free to email us at

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