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Updated: Sep 14, 2019

We were given just enough.

A flight ticket, a court date

And a small card the ugliest shade of green we had ever seen.

Already we were in dangerous hands

We were taught just enough.

America good, everyone else… bad

Pickett fences over barred wires

Blue collar over red necks

Then went home to buildings behind chain linked fences

to speak un-American languages

to our parents whose necks burned from the sun

We were shown just enough.

College is the only hope

Drown in debt and have them burry you with your diploma in hand

They can’t take it away from you

Whatever it takes, you must do

Master a sport, valedictorian, finesse till you make it out.

You and I were not supposed to make it

We accidentally broke the rules by following them to a T.


As published in Ritmo Que Late: An Anthology of Submissions during 2018 NAPOWRIMO by DWA Press.

Available for purchase at

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