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Amor de Hierro

Updated: Apr 14, 2022


A mother is not a mother but more like a best friend a woman who spoils you but not in a materialistic way she still does your laundry and cooks your dinner separately when she understands your desire to live healthily a mother trusts you and only questions your motives simply because she’s interested in knowing how you will accomplish your new task at hand- whatever that may entail a mother provides support whether she agrees with you or not so cheerful, spirited, and young at heart a mother- this mother is the love of my life

D’ Hierro Madre de hierro solo Dios sabe todo lo que te quiero Madre eres tú mi fortaleza


Lisa Gil-Ventura is a Washington Heights native, born to Dominican parents who migrated in the 1980's. Lisa is a poet who's been documenting her life stories in diaries and journals since the age of 9. Lisa is a happily married, mother of two boys, who is returning to her craft after a long hiatus. Her passions include reading, writing, and practicing yoga. Lisa has published "Aprende a pelar platano and other lessons my mother taught me to be a good wife " and "No es lo mismo, ni es igual- Habichuelas con dulce edition" on

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