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Introducing our Book Box collaboration with oneKIN!

'Lil Dominican readers

Dominican Writers Association and oneKIN have teamed to share the rich stories and diverse voices of both traditionally-published and indie Dominican-American authors. You can now gift the young minds of your loved ones with our curated Dominican literary gift boxes for Children, 'Lil Dominican Readers.

“I didn’t read books by Dominican authors until I was in my 20s, and it’s a shame because I feel that if I had read books with characters I could identify with, I would have felt affirmed and validated in this world. With 'Lil Dominican readers we hope to create a similar impact in the lives of your child. May this collection of books inspire them to continue reading our stories.” - Angela Abreu, Founder & Creative Director of Dominican Writers Association

invite us to your school!

The Dominican Writers young readers program's mission is to place as many Dominican books into the hands of Children. By partnering up with DWA we are able to offer schools a reading program where children may enjoy the visit of a Dominican children’s book author. Work with us!

Our programming includes:

  • Book clubs for Middle school and high school students where we read and discuss books by Dominican authors, we also invite the authors to join our students for a Q&A.

  • Writing Workshops: From comic writing, to poetry, to creative essays by the children.

  • Storytime with Authors: Authors visit the schools to read their books and answer questions by the students. This program is currently running virtually, but in doing so it allows us to invite children’s book Dominican authors from the island to read to our children.

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New Titles

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'Lil Dominican Readers: Kid's First Literary Box
is currently out of stock but will be available in the Summer 2021
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