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In honor of April being National Poetry Month it was only right we celebrate this month with our very own Melania Luisa Marte's, debut poetry book ‘Plantains and Our Becoming: Poems’.  Melania Luisa Marte is a compelling exploration of the Afro-Latina experience through poetry. Marte delves into themes of self-love, nationalism, displacement, generational trauma, and ancestral knowledge, weaving together the histories of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. From New York to Texas to the Caribbean, Marte's words confront colonialism and racism while celebrating the beauty and resilience of Black identity. This collection is a powerful testament to the importance of owning one's narrative and finding joy in cultural heritage

Miledy Y
Nicole Rodriguez Tavarez
Leiry Santos
Luisanna Sosa Caraballo

Started listening to her read it at the doctor, gave me goosies…. Smuggling Mangoes is a hard thing to do! It feels so good when you hear your everyday live validated . Afro comes before Latina!! … on to the next chapter!



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