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dom, 05 feb



Transform your personal story into a solo performance

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Transform your personal story into a solo performance
Transform your personal story into a solo performance

Time & Location

05 feb de 2023, 10:00 a. m. – 1:00 p. m.



Students will learn techniques in playwriting, script analysis, story structure, and performance to help craft their own solo piece and tell their story to an invited audience. Students will create and perform their own Solo shows, based on their own personal stories. Through sharing and writing assignments, every week we will introduce a new element of the Solo show genre. Individual attention will be given to each student's unique writing process, as well as private rehearsal time with the facilitator to make sure the student has mastered all the elements in telling their OWN personal story.

This workshop is limited to 8 students. 

  • Acceptance into this workshop is a two part process. First an application, and then Interview will also be required- acceptance is not guaranteed. We are really interested in making sure that the applicant has the time and willingness to commit to this workshop in its entirety.  
  • No writing experience necessary! Just a desire and a passion to truthfully tell your story. 
  • Applicants must be Latinx and be based in New York City at the time of application submission and during the workshop period.
  • The rehearsal date and presentation is mandatory.


This nine-week course will focus on using your own personal story to craft a Solo show for the stage.

There will be homework assignments due for every class, as well as writing exercises and handouts that will be provided.

January 29th 1- What makes a Solo show? What makes a Solo show compelling and authentic? We will briefly look at different examples and interviews from different well known Solo performers, as well as look at some video samples of Solo shows to analyze, discuss outline and structure. By the end of class each student would have decided on an idea to start their show.

Feb 5th-- So what’s your story? - We will break down elements of a Solo show. Each student will bring pages to share and read- This class will have exercises that include improvisation and stand-up comedy. Students will share a monologue they’ve written from their homework assignment.

Feb 12th – Why this Story? – We will discuss character for the Solo performer and the secret of the creator. We will briefly talk about customs and props. In this class students will share two pages of a work in progress

Feb 19th – Where the heck am I? – a Solo show can take place literally anywhere. In this class we will explore the idea of setting and space, what’s the difference between a Solo show that takes place in your room or in an airport? How does our body behave if your Story takes place in the 1950’s Dominican vs 2023 Washington Heights? Time and Place is a big part of creating the world we want to see on stage. Students will continue to share pages of their work in progress.

Feb 26th – am I in the body? In this class the student will bring a character in the voice and body of someone they know. They must embody that person physically. It could be a parent, child, friend, cousin, uncle. Anyone that the student could observe and be in contact in order to physically personalize and “mimic” that person. This small presentation is not a written assignment, the student can take notes when they are at home or observing the person- but this won’t be read, it will be improvised. We will discuss and explore body exercises to get into character.

March 5th- This class will focus on each student individually- The student will share their work with me, so I can get a sense where they are in the process.. I will have a sign-up sheet for each student to go over their work with me so far in private. Each student will meet with me via zoom on the day and time of the class for 15 to 20 minutes each- depending on the size of the classroom. The goal is that by this class- each student would have 15 pages of material. I will

give notes, answer any questions or concerns that the student might have about the work

March 12th- Is all about the audience, or is it? In this class we will discuss the relationship to the audience, and what do you do as a performer when you think they’ve stopped listening. Students will share material that they’ve been working on from their solo show.


MARCH 19th

Class 8-Am I ready? The Rehearsal!! In this class I will take students through the process of rehearsing their solo show. We will discuss working with a director, as students will direct each other’s work in class, and learn to give each other notes. (This class will be in person; I will work with the students to give them notes on their pieces)

MARCH 20th

Class 9 -The Presentation. An invited audience will come to see the work that has been created in class by these amazing students, who will present at 15 to 20 minutes of a work in progress at a venue Washington Heights.


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