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dominican moms be like...

This #dwacuenticos chapbook was compiled by the answer to our April 2022 call for submissions titled: Dominican Moms Be Like.


Sx contributing Dominican writers shared comical, yet loving, depictions of mothers & their US-born children. The ongoing dynamics of tu Mami y tu, despite the language exchange, cultural perspectives, and surrounding environment. Common sayings that are specific to Dominican moms.


Edited by Yamberlie Tavarez




La Doña, essays on our Dominican Matriarchs share narratives of the women in our families on how they have carried the weight of, protecting, guiding, and educating in a society where men are dominant, and the home is ruled by the matriarch.

Our contributors describe women fighting and embracing expectations of the matriarchal role and what they left behind.

--Managing Editor: Yamberlie Tavarez