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The Dominican Writer as an Individual and as Text


NAC 1/201

Moderator: JP Infante

The Dominican Writer as an Individual and a Text attempts to add to the discourse on what it means to be a Dominican Writer in the U.S. publishing industry, the people who read their work and the dominant cultures influence on their writing.

Panelist: Annecy Baez, Hilda Eunice Burgos, Claribel Ortega, Adriana Herrera, Zaida Corniel, Roberto Carlos Garcia

The Role of Storytelling in Questioning, Exploring & Formulating Identity.


NAC 1/211/Atrium

Moderator: Vanessa Lopez

Identity in storytelling can be used as a focal point, as a means to question pre-established norms or as universal connector. Drawing from Black Feminist theory where story is used to create knowledge in which multiple truths can coexist, this panel will debate the role of identity within storytelling

Panelist: Roxana Calderón, Valencia Clay, Aszana Lopez-Bell, Rosa Saldana

The Importance of Place: A Conversation


NAC Ballroom

Moderator: Ser Álida

The Importance of Place: A Conversation invites participants to engage in conversations about the impact of place in order to access/create networks of support across the diaspora. This panel discussion will center on writers from across the diaspora who’ve experience navigating in spaces outside the diaspora long-term; how they built community?

Panelist; Lorraine Avila, Gina Goico, Aura Maria Estrella, Led Black & Paloma Valenzuela

Owning Our Narratives: How Dominicans Are Reshaping the Newsroom


NAC 1/201

Moderator: Jennifer Gil-Velazquez of La Galería Magazine & These2locas

This panel will consist of Dominican-American journalists working in the New York City media landscape, who can speak on navigating the industry, issues of diversity, and how they are transforming the narrative of Dominicanidad.

Panelist: Concepción de León and Sandra García of the New York Times, Marjua Estevez of BET, Amanda Alcántara of NPR's Latino USA/Futuro Media Group, Isabelia Herrera of Remezcla.

Ay Ombe Theater: From Theory to Practice


NAC Ballroom

Moderator: Lorgia García Peña, scholar (Harvard U) “Epistemeology of El Nié”

This panel puts together scholars, artists and practitioners to meditate on the work of Josefina Báez through her Performance Autology, her writing, her teachings and training through Ay Ombe Theater. Each of the presentations will include a personal reflection as well as an analytical intervention on the meaning of Ay Ombe and Baez’s work and its influence in shaping our own intellectual and artistic practices. 

Arisleyda Dilone (independent artist), filmmaker “Dear Joy, Letters from El Ni E. Sincerely, El Levente.”
Esther Hernández-Medina, scholar (Pomona College) “Ay Ombe Theatre: Connecting Art and Healing”
Sharina Maillo-Pozo, scholar (University of Georgia) “Whach you ma' call it:" Tripping in Dominicanish.”

Reading of 10 Dominicanas de Letras: Homenaje & Antologia by Kianny N. Antigua and Keiselim A. Montas

Nurturing the Role of Literary Journals


NAC 1/203

Moderator: Veronica Santiago Liu of Word Up Community Bookshop

Literary journals can be launching pads for writing careers: acceptance for publication can be a writer's first experience with an editor and editorial process, and publication and subsequent events can also provide community when emerging writers need it most. How do editors decide what to publish, and what do they do once work is accepted? Find out how these literary journal editors make publication decisions, how they work with writers, the ins and outs of the submission process, and why they continue to work on these labors of love.

Panelist: Angie Cruz - Aster(ix),  Isabel Cristina-La Galería, Laura Pegram - Kweli Journal, Ron Kavanaugh - Mosaic Literary, Journal 

Queer Dominican Writers: Writing from Margin’s Margin.


NAC Ballroom

Moderator: Yoseli Castillo-Fuertes

In this panel we will explore the existence of a Queer discourse in the Dominican diaspora, its intersectionality and visibility in the USA specifically. Who are the voices? What are the spaces?

Panelist: Sarahi Almonte, Bruno B. Aponte, Emir Cruz, Alicia Anabel Santos & Alejandro Heredia

Escribiendo en Español: Desde Santo Domingo a Nueva York


NAC 1/202

Moderator: Edgar Smith

The panel will discuss the importance of maintaining our language in our writing. Total immersion in a foreign language makes sense in achieving its mastery, but for a writer of Spanish literature, abandoning our native language in our writing seems and odd move. What is a writer without it? How do we immerse ourselves while maintaining it in our writing? How do we improve our writing skills? Why is it that so many writers are looked down upon if they choose to publish in a language they weren’t born with. Panelist: Mary-Ely Gratereaux, Lourdes Batista,  Fior E. Plasencia, Ana Isabel Saillant Valero, Elizabeth Balaguer, Yaissa Jimenez, Yrene Santos

Navigating the Comics Industry


NAC 1/201

Moderator: Veronica Liu

Comics creators navigate the spaces both between the writing and art worlds, and also a whole world unto themselves. Panelists will share how they leverage these spaces to find and create opportunities in the comics/graphic books industry; explain the journeys that got them to where they are; and offer advice to aspiring comics artists looking to break into the industry.

Panelists: Sandy Jimenez, Stephanie Rodriguez, Sharon Cruz, and Ellen Lindner.

Todo Depende: Genre & The Writer


NAC 0/201

Moderator: JP Infante

Writers will discuss their writing process and experiences expressing themselves via different genres and mediums. The panel will include novelist, cultural critics, social media journalist, published spoken word artists, comic book writers and graphic novelist. The discussion will delve into each genre, what they demand of the writer and the challenges and rewards each provides.

Panelist: Melania-Luisa Marte, Deidamia Galan, Stephanie Rodriguez, Elliot Lassi, Kianny Antigua, Karlina Veras, & Zahira Cabrera

Decolonizing Dominican Cinema


NAC 1/211-Atrium

Moderator: Alicia Anabel Santos

An in-depth discussion on the issue filmmakers face in the industry and the approaches you have used to bring our unique stories on-screen. 

Panelist:  Maite Bonilla, Beto Cruz, & Paloma Valenzuela, Oscar Peña, Michael Diaz, Michelle Ramirez, Kelvin Grullon

Dominicans in Theater: Where are OUR stories?


NAC 1/202

Moderator: Guadalis del Carmen

A conversation around the contribution of Dominicans in theater, and how we can get more of our stories on stage. 

Panelist: Julissa Contreras, Cindy de la Cruz, Marco Antonio Rodriguez, Gineiris Garcia, Mino Lora, Angie Regina & Alex Vásquez Escaño.

The Process of Publishing a Manuscript: A Q&A with Editors & Agents


NAC 0/201

Moderator: Dania Santana

The panel will explore the publishing process from beginning to end. We will discuss finding an editor/agent, getting their attention, mistakes during the submission process, what goes into the selection process, the editing approach, what happens once you sign with an agent and so much more.

Panelists: Marcela Landres-Editorial Consultant, Roberto Carlos Garcia-Get Fresh Books, Nancy Mercado-Associate Publisher & Editorial Director, Dial Books for Young Readers, Penguin, Shelly Romero-Scholastic, Leslie Zampetti-Dunham Literary, Adriana Dominguez-Full Circle Literary, & Alejandra Cooper-Executive Editor at Harper Collins