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In honor of Josefina Baez

The conference is in honor of la matatana Josefina Baez. ¡La lista de sus logros como escritora, storyteller, performer y mucho más es casi del largo de nuestra isla! Josefina will be our keynote speaker. We are elated about this moment of honoring a gem of our literary arts community. 



Don’t Miss Out!

9:00 AM- NAC Ballroom

Opening Ceremony/Welcome Speech by Founder

10:00 AM- 12 PM


10 AM-4:45PM- NAC 1/209

Manuscript Critiques

12:30PM-1:30PM -NAC Ballroom

Ay Ombe Panel & Q&A

1:30-1:45PM- NAC Ballroom

Josefina Baez Keynote Speech & Q&A

2:00 PM- 4:45 PM

Workshops/Panels/Manuscript Critiques

5:00PM- NAC Ballroom

Closing Ceremony


Movers and Shakers


Angela Abreu

Founder of
Dominican  Writers


Josefina Baez

Keynote Speaker

Special Guests

Meet the published writers, network, get your book signed!

Angie Cruz

Adriana Herrera

Hilda Eunice Burgos

Claribel Ortega

Roberto Carlos Garcia

Karlina Veras

Francis Mateo

Kianny N. Antigua

Lourdes Batista-Jakab

Zaida Corniel

Annecy Baez

Melania-Luisa Marte

Yaissa Jimenez

Edgar Smith

Ana Saillant

Geraldine de Santis

Panel Discussions

Don’t Miss Out

10:00AM-10:45AM- NAC 1/201

The Dominican Writer as an Individual and as Text

10:00AM-10:45AM-NAC 1/211 Atrium

The Role of Storytelling in Questioning, Exploring & Formulating Identity.

10:00AM- 10:45AM- NAC Ballroom

The importance of Place: A Conversation

11:00AM-11:45AM-NAC 1/201

Owning Our Narratives: How Dominicans Are Reshaping the Newsroom

12:30PM-12:50PM- NAC Ballroom


12:50PM-1:50PM- NAC Ballroom


10AM-10:45AM-NAC 1/203

Nurturing the Role of Literary Journals

2:00PM-2:45PM- NAC Ballroom

Queer Dominican Writers: Writing from Margin’s Margin.

2:00PM-2:45PM-NAC 1/202

Escribiendo en Español: From Santo Domingo to Nueva York

2:00PM-2:45PM- NAC 1/201

3:00PM-3:45PM- NAC 0/201

Todo Depende: Genre & The Writer

3:00PM-3:45PM- NAC 1/211 Atrium

Decolonizing Dominican Cinema

4:00PM-4:45PM-NAC 1/202

Dominicans in Theater: Where are OUR stories?

4:00PM-4:45 PM-NAC 0/201

The Process of Publishing a Manuscript: A Q&A with Editors and Agents

Sign up for Manuscript Critiques/Pitches

We are only accepting manuscripts in English

As part of the conference, we want writers to have the opportunity to sit with literary agents, editorial assistants and or publishers to discuss their work in progress. Below are some amazing professionals willing to review your manuscripts. 

Manuscript critiques and pitches are a service offered only to those who have registered for the conference. All proceeds are paid to the service provider. Writers will receive a 15 minute one-on-one meeting with an editor who has read a sample of their work.

You must be registered for the conference

Writing Workshops

Perfect Your Craft

Take a look below to learn about the schedule for Dominican Writers Conference. If you have any questions about specific activities or event timing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch - we’ll be happy to help.

10:00-10:45AM-NAC 1/203

Publishing for Latinos: Knowledge is Power Only When Shared

10:00-10:45AM-NAC 0/201

Crossing Borders: Identity and Being

10:00-10:45AM-NAC 1/202

Dos Lenguas/Of Two Tongues: Un Taller Bilingüe

11:00AM-11:45AM-NAC 0/201

Lay a Successful Path to a Writing Career

11:00AM-11:45AM-NAC 1/211-Atrium

"The Pineapple Diaries" Monologue Writing Workshop

11:00AM-11:45AM-NAC 1/202

Calladita te vez más Bonita: Writing with Rage

2:00PM-2:45PM-NAC 0/201

Family Trouble: Writing About Family in Nonfiction

2:00-2:45PM-NAC 1/203

Solo Performance: An Introduction

2:00PM-2:45PM-NAC 1/211

Get Paid to Write! Submitting the Perfect Pitch for Media and Journalism from Latinos USA

3:00PM-3:45PM-NAC 1/201

La Sangre Jala: Connecting the Seen with the Unseen

3:00PM-3:45PM-NAC 1/202

How to Support your child as a Writer

3:00PM-3:45PM-NAC 1/203

Power Art Creative Writing Workshop

4:00PM-4:45PM-NAC 1/203

So you want to be a Fiction Writer? A Generative Writing Workshop for Emerging Writers.

4:00PM-4:45PM-NAC 1/211/Atrium

Writing YA: Letting Youth Speak

4:00PM-4:45PM-NAC 1/201

Speak for Yourself: Tips for an Effective Non-Fiction Book Proposal


Our Book Vendor: Word Up Books Community Bookshop

If you would like for your book to be sold at the Conference please reach out to Word Up Books.

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